My Passion

With camera in hand I sit before my subject, waiting patiently for that magic moment where their unique personality emerges and story begins to unfold.  Artfully editing images is where I spend much of my time and each one is carefully crafted into a timeless show piece. Observing a client's reaction as they view their fully edited images for the first time is a true indicator of how well I have done my job. Their smiles, giggles, tears and gasps are the consumate reward. 

My Story

I am a wife, mom, animal and nature lover and am a nurse by profession with a background in business. It wasn't until recent years that I was nipped by the photography bug after purchasing my first respectable digital camera.  My passion to capture all things beautiful has since blossomed into a full time hobby and business.  Thus the inception of "Barely Blushed" in 2015.


My work has been published in magazines, and I am a member of numerous photography organizations and groups including PPA and NHPPA.  I am ever grateful for the opportunity to be living out a dream where the ultimate goal is to dazzle clients by providing original art pieces which are sure to be passed through generations.



"Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph."

                                                                     Matt Hardy